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The Forestry Commission was founded a century ago in order to create a “strategic reserve of timber” after Lloyd George stated “Britain experienced more nearly dropped the war with regard to want of wood than of something else”. The UNITED KINGDOM is 50% self-sufficient in food, yet only 20% self-sufficient in wood, therefore we still need hardwood more than anything at all else.

Any call to be able to redirect subsidies for you to restore woodlands will be welcome (Use plantation subsidies to rewild quarter of BRITISH, urges report, twenty one May). The Rewilding Britain report says: “Commercial conifer farms should not become eligible, except exactly where they are eliminated and replaced along with native woodland. ” This method is easy to understand when the aim is usually to increase environment for wildlife. Nevertheless, plantations is surely an outstanding way to fight climate breakdown, since the growing trees sequester carbon and the particular forests store this, exactly like in a lot more natural woodlands, nevertheless harvested wood items also provide the carbon substitution impact when used rather than concrete or metal.

The particular report suggests more healthy eating can launch land from rigorous agriculture, but on the other hand you should be using even more, not less, wooden. Any different strategy in the manner land is definitely managed should consist of plantations, which could furthermore be native trees and shrubs to produce wooden alongside the repair and expansion associated with our most valuable ancient semi-natural woodlands. Without this all of us are dependent upon greenhouse gas exhausts to import solid wood. Dr Andrew WeatherallNational School of Forestry

• I’m a ally of subsidies to help encourage landowners towards restore woodlands plus meadows, but it is of concern that will Rewilding Britain appears to suggest that that…

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